Being responsible, despite indifference

While i was growing up

When i was a little girl , we were taught  to do many things. From house chores to values that i hold dearly. Respecting elders was so much emphasised. It was unheard of to sit while an elder stood, to talk rudely to a stranger. One had to greet an elder,  whether you knew you them or not. No one ever asked why things were done that way. If any elder found you in wrong they rebuked you, whether you were related or not. You even got a spanking from them depending on what you were doing. And they would tell your parents and that put one in trouble.
I am thankful that i was raised in such environments where everyone genuinely watched and was responsible. Where has this gone? Why do we see wrong things and can barely do anything? Is it any of our business.

Today´s generation

Last month i went for a funeral in some place. The person whose funeral it was had lived such a legacy so this attracted all walks of life. The service was in some big church which happened to be full. I got a sit because i was on time but not everyone got a sit. In front of me sat two young girls they looked 12 and 14 years of age. So in came an elderly lady who was about her late or mid 60s, she was standing because she did not have where to sit. When i saw her i thought these young girls will definitely stand up for her to have a seat.
Oh i was so mistaken. They were not even bothered at all. She then got a space to sit but as soon as she sat, the owner of the sit asked her to stand up. She felt so humiliated. At this time am thinking the young girls should be out of their seats. They were not. I then stood tapped her and asked her to take my place. As i stood, i thought to myself what has became of us that we not only think about ourselves, but also don´t value certain things.
Well i did not have so much to do but in that moment, i determined to talk to young people about those things that were instilled in us while we grew up, whenever i get an opportunity. It is time to take corporate responsibility even when you think it does not concern you.