Glo and her Lemmy, the son.

Glo ,Bill and Mummy

I am reminded of God’s goodness as I celebrate my baby sister, very focused Glo Vanita Katonda Bill, holding you as a baby was just the other day , and my you have grown .

Glo I admired your strong opinion as a child, when you wanted something you went for it, you in fact made all of us do what you wanted. As you grew up , you didn’t stop sticking to principle, the only difference was that you sought God concerning every detail of your life. At a tender age you accepted Jesus and he was vividly involved in your decisions.

Psalms 119:98 Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies,for that are ever mine. Glo you are wiser, than your peers.

And you have more insight than all your teachers, for the testimonies of the lord are your meditation.

Glo I saw you meditate on the word of God, you made right choices, you were always in the right place and no wonder you so much easily fit in your calling.I am happy you are you.

Glo your love for the teenage mothers is extraordinary, you have loved and been church to them, I admire your commitment.

When you left a very good paying job for the teen mothers , we all couldn’t speak otherwise because knowing you clearly you were led of God.And that is no doubt.The fruit is evident, the young girls that have been restored a proof to your obedience to God .

Along the way you start calling yourself Katonda and what could we say, we simply thought to ourselves it was blasphemy, but no one would even talk about it. For those that know you, we testify that it didn’t matter what everyone knew.You knew who God said you are and you moved in that knowledge.So proud of you.

Glo you are firm in your identity, that I know so well, you have indeed meditated on the testimonies of God and that makes you wise.

Three years ago you still stood out , as I was looking for venues with you,concerning your wedding, came with a friend who I thought would help us get the decorator, you said that was not necessary, wowww at your age, I was impressed but not surprised .

Glo you are so special, you go out of your way.And the kind of things you do, it is only Jesus.

Am so glad I have you as a sister, a mother to my children, a friend that calls greatness out at all times.

I celebrate you this day , I thank God you were born, and born in out family.I pray that you will flourish, that you are a city on a hill, your light shines.It shines bright.You are a solution to the world’s problems, the Lord will shine his face on you continually.You are blessed and highly favoured.

Happy birthday Katonda.The one who knows her Identity.

Thank you for giving.

From the month of June as we celebrated Hero’s day,I thought of some special people.People that have done significant things and no one has talked about them, or even recognised them.People that have been extra ordinary.

One person today that is on my mind , one that am privileged to have as a friend, one Ruta ( Doreen Mushabe), I celebrate you.You are one of the few that is selfless. I remember when you pumped and donated breast milk to someone that you barely knew.This child was a premature , you had your own baby and you could have choosen to just mind your baby.You did this for another baby, who is not your relative, but who deserved to live.

Ruta I woke up to read something today, It was an article and interview by CJ that was inviting people for a run for premature babies.I listened to Reenah k as she talked about her journey raising a pre term baby, and I couldn’t keep quite about you. You and some others that have donated breast milk to these babies, you saved a life when you did this.You are so much celebrated.You are our super hero’s.

Thank you for going out of your way, for taking in Every thing you had to take in , those many drinks, the feeding ,so that you get enough milk for your baby and another person’s baby.The so much feeds comes with weight, Ruta you are cooperate, you didn’t look at that when you allowed to donate the milk.

Thank you so much Mr Mushabe D for being supportive of this.For allowing your wife to be a blessing.

To all those that have gone out of your comfort and donated milk, we celebrate you, you are so special.

For those that have thought about it, it is possible.And so much needed.

Cj Kyambogo thank you for this noble cause.I will ‘re echo this CJ is mobilising a run a run that is for supporting the pre term babies ,parents , friends let’s join in tommorow 1st September. Let’s equip the hospitals it will reduce the burden.

Finally i want to encourage us with these words 2corinthians 9:8, And God is able to make all Grace abound toward you.That you always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work.

One of my mentores

I joined a fellowship  at Worship harvest two years ago, which Berna Amadoi,was leading.To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to stay in that space, did I fit well? I was not sure.I went for the meetings quite late, most of the times if not all the times, when I went. The leader was so gracious to me She always welcomed me like she was expecting it felt like that one sheep that Jesus goes to look out for leaving the 99. I was treated in a special way that i felt i didnt deserve.But I know that Jesus looks out for us.With that kind and even more love.

My missional leader was so intional , she put in her all to teach me things tgat she didnt even tell me she was teaching me.I learned from  her alot of what she did for me.That time I was expecting our third born.I was invited to every hung they had.They wanted me to know them better .They all were intentional on loving me.

I  got to meet Francis and Evelyn, they were so nice to me.They always offered to drop me off, they actually insisted I didn’t have to call someone to come pick me up.Thank you so so much the Kiwanas.

Rossie was also gracious to me .A very inteligent  and yet so down to earth friend that I have grown to love.Thank you Rossie.

Anna Sunshine, I loved and still love your laughter your sense of humour, and your love for Jesus.I loved your zeal in that fellowship.You always made me special.

Lisa , Jean ,Brain, and Derrick.I have made permant friendship with you all.I love how you love me.We have made friendships that last.Am forever grateful.

Along the way I gave birth to our third baby Charis and my  ,she was so their.She came  with other leaders, she prayed for us, I barely knew her , but from that time I knew she loved me.Berna looked out for me and still looks out for me.I defiantly stayed and started to love the small group.

Berna taught me to look out for other people.She taught me withought telling me, she just demonstrated it to me and that was good enough.

Berna is a very good teacher, those people that teach in the most simple way , and it is very easy to follow and even learn from what she is teaching.

Berna has a an admirable relationship with her father.It is always intresting to hear her say ,how she was discussing with God, or how she will say God what is it you want me to do.I love that about Berna.

If you want to ask her what she thinks she will refer you to Jesus. Sometimes that’s not what you want to hear but yes, I have learned to consult with Jesus from her.

Berna is an author, she has written an incredible book How to hear God’s Voice, and if you want to hear God’s Voice seriously I recommend this book.

Berna loves children , and am so thankful that she has taken on our children like they are her very own.She will take them for the children Missional community activities, take them for icecream, talk to them.I am grateful Berna.

Berna is so selfless.She will help in every way possible , she  is a sister I have meet on this journey.

Berna loves Jesus to be shared in every place she will be in .A true representation of Jesus.She will want to tell everyone how much Jesus loves them.Am so so glad our paths meet.

I love you and I thank God our paths crossed.

Hellen You are loved.

On my mind is auntie Hellen.A lady that I meet fifteen years ago , who has been a great Joy.

I met Hellen at a close friends home, and what was special about her? Hellen is one very unique person that everyone needs in their entire lives.For those that have known Hellen longer than myself , they still know that she is so selfless.Hellen is this person who will take on another person’s burden, Joy, celebration as if it was her own.

She is a mother, a friend ,a sister a daughter, a colleague and everything good you know about.She has this strength of bringing people together, and bringing harmony.Even in a bad situation you will always find something nice to celebrate in the situation.

Hellen works like there s no other day.She does every thing with her all.She is these people who multi task and when I say this I don’t mean two activities or tasks.Multiple. She is excellent.

Hellen I celebrate you.I thank God for you, for your passion to work, for all the effort that you put.Thank you Hellen for making an effort to put a smile on people’s faces.Thank you for teaching me to always be grateful

Thank you for keeping a ray of hope, and making spaces brighter.

I celebrate the beauty in you.And I pray that you will always shine.That you will know that you a muchly appreciated . That you have the awareness of you are strengthened by God.That you will always be reminded that you are not alone.That the Lord will always be with you.

I pray that you will always be refreshed as you have refreshed others.You are blessed and yes you are a blessing.I love you auntie Hellen.

My Sisters in kigali

At the end of September this year , I arranged with my friend , Susan that it was the right time to rest.Change environment and have some time for me .This was favourable because my   children were on holiday, and had to visit their grand parents which is the normal routine.

When I arrived in Kigali, Susan picked me up, and I was like VIP from then on.She had my holiday well planned , it was around the same time she got leave.This worked out really well.And during th is time we had planned a baby shower for our other Sister Grace, and here I was going to meet with Lilian as well.

We had an awesome time , I was so loved on treated like a queen. I so much appreciate my sisters.They are so generous.

Today as I gave thanks you were so much on my mind

Thank you so much for being selfless.For thinking about me, for loving and taking care of me as if I was a child.Thank you for your time

Am so thankful to God that you three are in my life.You so much spoiled me, took me to good places, allowed me to rest and that I can never forget.

I celebrate you today, and I pray that the Lord will enrich you.That he will enlarge your territory ,That he will bless you a hundred fold

Thank you so so much for being special.

Awesome Teachers.

My Favourite Teacher Mrs K ,made it her obligation to make us all happy while we were growing up and going through school . She made school so fun that we always looked forward to going back to school .

Because of how she always made us feel we didn’t know how to make her happy the way we thought she deserved.

This one time was her 70th birthday and we wanted to surprise her , so we stole her phone and copied all her contacts and we started contacting and inviting her old and best of friends to a surprise birthday at her house . People traveled and were booked in hotels a day before her birthday.

On the morning of her birthday her daughter took her out to a beauty parlour while the work at home commenced , and visitors arrived . By the time she returned she could not believe that was her house and that everyone had gathered to celebrate her . She definitely cried but tears of joy and happiness , she was overwhelmed and felt so loved.

At this I thought at how much it would mean to celebrate our teachers , those that taught us in primary school, that did everything they could for us to be.

Teachers you are instrumental in many ways.I thank God for you, for your time, your hard work and I with many others are so proud of you. Stella Kahijiriza, Dr Kahigiriza, Mwarimu Nyagatale(RIP), Mwalimu Hajje Gashegu(RIP),TR Flavior, Mr Tumushime Davis, Robert Seruhogyi, you are so special.Keep shining.

Thank you for your diligence.


One of my special friends turns 30, and is so amazed at the revelation of Gods love for his people and for her in particular. Loosing her biological parents at an early stage in her life opened her up to so many insecurities and feelings of inadequacy that she imagined children who grew up with their parents weren’t facing.

Don’t get me wrong she has such a loving and supportive family and this isn’t a reflection in how they treated or raised her. it’s about the feeling of loss that no one can take away except God. Most of her early years are a blur really but one thing she remembers is that she was angry at God for a while. She adored her biological parents and felt like life would have been easier or even better had they had the privilege of living a long life.

For a longtime when she experienced hurt or any form of anguish, it always took her back to those moments of her parents death. She was unable to move away from that pain. She had to find a way of coping with the loss. She blocked it out and hoped it had disappeared. Everyone who knows knows her can tell you that she cried during movies-love stories make her cry just as much as sad stories- small things move her to tears so you can say she subconsciously channeled her loss into other daily life experiences.

No one talks to children who have lost their parents at an early age about the transition from being in the comfort of their parents arms with the assurance that they are loved eternally to a life without them. She recognizes a privilege that she was able to have a family take her in and raise her as one of their own which is often not the case when there’s a loss of a parent.

Nevertheless the transition is not any easier. You really never know how deep you have buried your pain until you decide to be intentional with your personal growth. She made a decision a year ago to really interrogate her life choices and patterns of thought. It is only then that she realized she had subconsciously allowed her childhood loss to define the way she loved and received not only from her loved ones but also from God.

She felt that she needed to be perfect to be loved by God especially and never wanted to be a bother to anyone especially her family because they had already done too much for her, therefore she must be grateful.

This skewed perspective was a lie from the enemy to keep her from enjoying the freedom that knowing she is eternally loved by a God who is cheering you on to win the race brings. She now knows that she is loved eternally and not afraid to show her love to her friends, family and strangers.

This hasn’t taken away that tightness that grips her throat when she thinks back to those dark moments of loss. She has made peace with the fact that there certain things she will never know or make sense of on this side of time but one thing she knows, she has a father who loves her like no other. To that young Tasha who cried many nights longing for her beloved daddy and mummy, and to any person who still cries when they remember their deceased loved ones, you are not alone.

No amount of tears or words can reverse the past, but we have a future and a present made possible by an all knowing, ever-present and loving God who has your back and holds your future. Trust your pain and your heart with him. Tasha did the same and it has never been the same. ♥Rest In Peace Mum and Dad. You are missed. Thank you for the relationships you created with your family and friends that they have been present throughout her 30 years even when you have been resting for a while now.

Happy Birthday to you my friend 🥂To many more and To long life ( yes it’s a prayer I make that you will live long to see your grandchildren)

Thankful for our teachers .

Chris’s (for those who don’t know by now, Chris is my husband)….and we were seriously planning and looking out for a great school. We had a put a lot of thought into the process and had conaidered a number of things.
As God’s Grace would lead us, next to Chris’s office was a school although unknown to us we seemed elated at the idea that it could actually be a good fit.

It was well located so Chris and Keza would drive together in the morning to and fro work and school respectively. Chris encouraged me to check the school out(he trusts me like that lol) and although I had never heard of it I must say I was impressed. ACORNS was a perfect place because I loved the values they stood by, the way they treated the children( I observed albeit for a short time) and I could tell the children who attended the school were well spoken and very confident. These were all the things we wanted our Keza to experience and grow into.

It was a matter of fact that Keza would be enrolled at ACORNS. We started school,…….. with playgroup when Keza was three years old. To say that she enjoyed school would be an understatement. She would go to school for only three days but she literally looked forward to the next week.

She was involved in the school concerts,which was for every child, unlike other places where concerts , events, only involve a few .

Keza was celebrated as an Inquirerer, she was too curious, no one ever shut her down or told her she was too much.She wanted to find out, and yes that has built on.

Keza is open minded.she is very comfortable with differences.She respects and welcomes other people’s points of views and way of doing things

Keza is a communicator.She understands and shares ideas with others.

Keza is also considerate , she is concerned about other people’s needs and feelings.
She also did this with confidence.

This month we celebrate teachers and I am thankful to God for every teacher that has been instrumental in our life. Thank you for giving Keza who was then 2 an opportunity to shine, express herself, and make the world a better place.

While at ACORNS there was a yellow fever outbreak in Nabugabo, and she got involved with a drive to get vaccines.

Thank you Ms Amiina, for giving the children these opportunities.For instilling values.

Thank you Mr Evans, for encouraging Keza to keep awesome,.Thank you Ms Sharon for always calling greatness out of Keza.

You did a great job.Keza has grown to be a confident , considerate child.Her Enthusiasm about learning and life, have stayed.Her independence, thinking and acting, are outstanding.Integrity is a virtue that will always stay.

Keza goes to Harvest Academy now, and I must say they have built on.Thank you teacher Julie, and all the teachers at Harvest Academy for discipling and teaching her,For encouraging her, Thank you awesome teachers .

Innocence in Distress

While i was in hospital with my little warrior I got an opportunity to meet different people with various ailments. One little child stood out. She is about 7 years and did not particularly look sick.

This intrigued me and I went out to search for her. This little girl who I will call her Flavia, for purposes of this post, was always playing with other children that did not seem very healthy and I wondered to myself what is her story.

I wondered what she was doing in the hospital playing with sick children helping to push them around. I must say even my sister joined me in my intrigue surrounding Flavia. Those who know me will attest to my curiosity levels. I sought out her mother, built rapport and started a conversation with her. As we kept talking I found out that actually Flavia was as healthy as I had imagined but because her family was unable to raise the money to clear the medical bills, they could not be allowed to leave. This broke my heart.
I verified this through the administration and got a clear indication on the amount of the money needed to clear the medical bill. It was unfortunate that Flavia and her Mum had no one to help them clear this money. I have since thought of ways to help Flavia and her Mum. The good news is that the bill doesn’t acrrue interest but remains as it was at the time they were discharged from hospital.

I was in hospital for only 7 days but it seemed like a year. I can’t imagine Flavia who is supposed to have gone home long way before still in a hospital environment. It is one month into the school term and as we all know it is the promotional term.

Will you help me help Baby Flavia and her mother get freedom out of the hospital. Her hospital bill is 1.4 and if we all can give whatever we can we can make a little girl and her mama happy.

We have been blessed to be a blessing.


2corinthians 2 :14 Thanks be to God who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession, and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him in every way.

I didn’t quite understand triumph over situations, over reproaches until I was faced with an ugly situation.

On 11th of this month as I did my activities outside home, I got a call that was very urgent.Natasha is the childrens minder at home.On the calling end ,she was crying and in the back ground I had our neighbour across comforting her.It got me worried and thinking what could the problem be. She cried uncontrollably as she said Mummy mummy Charis, Mammy Charis has been bitten by the dogs.

…..My mind started racing with thoughts wondering how it could have happened. I thought to myself whether Charis was playing near the fence and it broke among other thoughts but nothing seemed to make sense.

By this time Charis had been rushed to hospital, and the doctors are doing everything possible to help .The nurses were also shaving her glorious mane ,giving her painkillers albert through a struggle.I panic on as I check to see if her eyes are intact, if she has ears.I am relieved to see that they are intact.The pain is disheartening though.

As I looked on tears just rolled down my checks , I cried that my baby was in pain, and I also cried that the Lord had protected her.I was in awe of God.This could have been worse than it presented.I didn’t know what to tell the dog owner, I was just very confused.In these moments I could only see God protecting her amidst the situation.

The situation was horrible but it would have been worse.I thought to myself.

Family, friends ,neighbours ,have been informed and are already in hospital with us at this time.The people I fellowship with, my MC people that we do life with. Later my pastors come in.Its in a short while but they have made it to hospital.My pastor is a medical doctor, he is familiar with this hospital, things start happening faster.Suddenly the vaccine is got, ironic how things happen because they know someone.Am thankful that they are around anyway.They pray for us.What a relief to see that even in these moments we are not left alone.

The Lord was with us, friends were their.Theres no single time I was left to be alone.They prayed for us.For Charis to go through the treatment withought so much pain.And yes she was brave through it all.My bold and Beautiful girl was also brave.

When the bible says I will never leave you nor forsake you, Jesus knew there moments when we will feel so left.So alone.But that assurance that he will never leave us nor forsake us stood for us.The Lord will never leave us.In that moment he gave us people that stood with us.People that loved on us.And oh my did I mention how generous my friends are, everyone brought something.We had so much that we would share with others, send back home and even give out.It was that much.

This would not have not been easy but the Lord helped us through.What is it that faces you, You are not alone.He will never leave you.He is closer than you can imagine.

16days now after the dog attack, Charis is well.Her wounds are healing and I can only say if it hadn’t been for Jesus, Charis was gone.
Thank God who fights and causes us to triumph.Charis is a wise , intelligent and God Fearing girl.She is blessed and highly favoured.And with Long life the Lord satisfies her.

Psalms 124.If the Lord was not fighting for us, They would have eaten us alive.

Thank God for fighting for us.For defending us in every battle.

I Celebrate you Chris

Today is my special person’s birthday and I can’t keep calm!
Chris when God created you, he had me in mind. Thank you for loving Me. For treating me so well, you’re such an incredible husband, and friend.

You support me to do the things that I love and I am so grateful to God for you. You challenge me to grow, I have learned so much and I’m still learning from you. You encourage me to do what I do. And you listen to me.

I thank God for this year in particular that God gives us another year of celebrating life together. Celebrating you in health , I am super excited! Doing life with you is the best gift that ever happened to me. Thank you for being an amazing father to our children. For loving unreservedly.
Thank you for always having us in mind.

Happy birthday my dear one. I pray that you will continue to excel in everything that you do. That you will lack no good thing. I pray that just as you have been good to many you will be refreshed in all ways and that the Lord will grant your heart’s desires.
I am so proud of you, the children too! Charis has not stopped singing happy birthday. We celebrate and love you.

Thank you for being the best father to Keza, Sammy and Charis. Your love for them is so evident! You are one person who plays with them, does homework with them and prays with them. You are definitely a great part of these little hearts. Thank you for your time amidst your tight schedule. Thank you for making time for our family.

Chris as you begin this year I speak a year of many beginnings. That you will experience your father’s love in a tremendous way. That this year you will enjoy fellowship with your father (God). That he will renew your strength as you mount high as an eagle. I pray that surely goodness and Mercy shall follow you. That you will speak of the goodness of the Lord and you will experience this goodness. I pray that you will experience favour, in every thing you do.

Your light shines brighter my love. We all love you!


Three months ago I saw quite a number of people preaching on the street.They were happy and quite excited about what they were preaching.I respect street preachers.
I am not those people who would by any chance be on the street for any talk.I love to do things behind the scene.I excel well at that.

In 2016 I joined a missional community in worship harvest ,that was doing a number of things. A missional community is a group of people that do life together.

One of the activities that this group was going to do was run the alpha course.I had never done alpha and it seemed exciting.

The alpha course is an interactive 10 weeks serries that discuses pretty much about life and also talks about Jesus in a very fun setting.It was more consistent for me.

Alpha was very simple and yet real.We meet every Monday , shared a snack, watched a video and split into small groups.My small group was Team No pressure. Was their pressure ? Pressure to answer , pressure to be real , I will say before we knew each other there was no pressure.But when we got to know each other Different opionions were intresting because it made the sessions more interactive.The beauty was every ones opinion is respected in alpha.

We looked forward to Monday.It was , with no pressure and yet this was simple and realistic to do.
After the 7th week we were going to do the day away. Our leader told us to be expectant.She said its going to be so exciting. I didnt know what to expect. Though i was so much looking forward. Its satuarday and we are set to go.We meet in a central place and i see games , all kinds of games.I am already happy before we even start off.

When was the last time I had even played ?? I had enclosed myself in some sort of serious routine , but yet here i was getting excited .😊 I played prayed had serious encounters with God . We also had very good food at the day a way.

This is going to be it.Thats when the leader then Berna A told me anyone can run alpha.I was so glad.She told me in any space they would give me material to run alpha.That cheered my heart.All I had to do was invite ,ask friends to invite prepare for guests and have alpha.Who wouldn’t do that? I told myself I would help at any given opportunity.

Opportunities have come, We have run more than 7 alpha sessions from the very first time I attended alpha in 2016 March, We have interacted with more than 300 people, and we are still in touch.Made meaningful relationships with these people.We have done life together in alpha doing the alpha courses.Am glad I was introduced to alpha.

A few pictures of the different activity that we have while at the course.

Going for a day away with the secondary school students .Fun it was.

Some of my special people

I signed up a “serve you better card “at Worship Harvest in 2015 ,and I said I wanted to join a missional community.This was after many months of “visiting” without getting involved with anyone or anything.
It was after i had done the next steps class that I knew I wanted to be part of this group. This is a class that shared vision, mission ,the reason they do things the way they do them at worship Harvest.etc.

One afternoon I got a call from a leader that was inviting me to a Missional Community. I did not know her, what to expect as I had never been to one.I decided to give it a try.I called her for directions until I was at the meeting venue.

I was called by Angela who I had never met or even heard about but she welcomed me like we had been friends forever.I later found out she was the pastor.I received overwhelming love from all the people that were present.
I kept wondering whether I had met them and I forgot. Are they my sister’s friends? I asked myself. Anyhow I was very confused.
The shocking bit about this is that this love thing was as if contagious.All the people on the group were welcoming.

I remember we were told to talk to someone we had never met.Was I going to talk to everyone? I wondered .
I didn’t wait for long before Berna Amadoi who is now a very close friend , came and sat close to me.She was so interesting. We talked like we were continuing from where we had stopped in the last meeting yet it was the first time I was seeing her.
Among the things we talked about was where I came from ,later she came and told me she was going early for some other meeting and she wanted me to drop for her the people she was meant to drop off.She wanted to know if it was okay with me .Ofcourse it was okay because I was driving by myself.That is how free it felt the first day. As I drove with this group of friends,it seemed like we had known each other a lifetime.Strange I know. I enjoyed their company.They used to meet as small groups then called G12, I loved the group but didn’t want to get so close to them because of fears of getting so involved,from past experiences.

Well I was put in Bernas group for G12,the Makindye group.I was determined to go when they are starting activity ,go out as soon and never get so involved,lest I am disappointed.That time we were expecting Charis. Charis is our third baby. This G12 never judged me about my coming in late,going early.They loved me like a problem.Did I say they made it a point to celebrate me, they did.They got me cake not on my birthday but the week to my birthday, who does that.Mmhhh these people were determined to give me an experience.Loving me without expecting anything from me.That love that makes you suspicious.They loved me and I also allowed.I know that’s the love Jesus invites us to.He is love so it shouldn’t surprise us.

When i was getting used to this group the love and the people ,I just learned we were going to split into different groups.Growth things.I joined the Alpha MC was with Berna who was the leader of the G12, and was now srarting the alpha MC. I have been loved by these people, they look out for me, for my children,my husband.I am thankful to God for my church family.

Angela you are my person of peace.I connected with you the very first day I was put in your group.You and your husband lead so well,that it was easy to belong and even get involved.
Berna and the makindye friends, thank you so so much for the love.

My cool MC people.You give fellowship true meaning.Our MC is that which has frontiers all Over the world. I celebrate each one of you. Berna thank you for being special, Jean you love well ,Lisa you bring life to the MC, Linda your creativity makes such a difference, Doreen thank you for being you, Gloria the way you take up responsibility is just amazing, Nichole your artistic mind and you, special , Rana you go to a different church but from the time you visited Alpha MC you haven’t stopped coming.Your warmth laughter is special , I celebrate the gents in our MC you also have been special.George your generosity, you are so kind. Albert the way you make time despite your busy schedule, Derrick your humour and love for every activity, Josh you make MC one activity i look forward too.Thanks for bringing life. Hubert you are you amazing. Willy Joe wherever you have been you bring a difference we are never with bad sound when you are their.Videos for our frontier are prompt.You are special .I told you part of the team represents us in other countries , even when you left you are still part of our group.You bring in your ideas, you pray with us and we share what we are learning.Priscilla in SA you are starting an alpha MC ,That am sure of.Vivian and Charity in Italy am so sure you represent us well. Our members that are apart of the group by affiliation you are loved.Micheal thanks for encouragement.Chris your schedule has been tight but I know you will appear.Mark every time you are around you know you are apart of this group.Our genius friend we celebrate you. Mable you easily fit the one time you visited.We will get to know you more.

The children that come to alpha give the group life I celebrate all our alpha babies.

You guys are all special and amazing.I celebrate you.


On the 5th of June 2018 , I traveled to Kenya for the fearless summit. The summit was happening at Mavuno church at Athi River .I had never been to this part of Kenya and yes I am open to adventure among other things. I make friends easily , which is something my special friends don’t find easy.Thankfully my friends accept my new friends.They don’t make them feel left out.

A number of people on this trip are doing a leadership course at Harvest Institute, and that is how I happened to be part of this. Something special about this trip was we had to get places of accommodation.Good thing some friends had come for the summit last year , so they were on top of the game getting accommodation.They did the bookings and we knew how much we each had to pay.

Accommodation now sorted for the four of us.Desire and I arrived earlier than Esther and Jassy who were our housemates. Me and Desire decided to go and get the things that we would need while at the summit.I was defiantly open minded about which person we would get as our Uber driver.My things of making friends I intended to make friendship with this person.

I uber with my hands crossed waiting to see if the person would be friendly, kind,or mean.I was open for anything.

Kevin came to pick us.He knew our destination we didn’t know.I asked him how he was doing asked and if he would help us find a place to buy our groceries, he took us to the store, held the basket such a gentleman and helped us with our shopping.It was getting late and we wanted to have dinner.He asked us what we wanted.He took us to a wonderful place where I invited him to stay and we share.We were already friends after 2hours of being with him.
We talked about different things , about their country, that place we were, and of course we also got to know a bit of who he was…he told us of nasty experience he had the time he visited Uganda. We were of course sorry about this terrible happening .
This did not stop him from giving us a kenyan simcard that we were going to use, for communication , for our internet, kevin is super kind.He then dropped us home safe.

Kevin was prompt ,pick up time and he got to meet our other friends , Jassy and Esther, as he picked us he went all you people are happy.Did I tell you my friends are all fun.Jassy and Esther talked to Kevin like they knew him before.He was kind in all this.

The next day we wanted to attend a music event that we were invited for, I thought of inviting him for this session.This event was about 26km from where we were staying.I asked him what the cost was to go to that place.He checked the meter and gave us the quotation.I invited him earlier and asked him to join us for the event.Kevin came at the agreed pick up time.Ohh he was amazing.He took us to the the place we didn’t have any idea where we were going.

Kevin got to meet the bigger team, the worship harvesters that were at the event.We introduced him to a few of our friends and they were good to him.
We all enjoyed the evening, and after a few hours we were headed back home.He was no longer the quite Kevin but rather happy and loud just like !!We had such fun as you can imagine.

While at the summit when anyone wanted something ,that was not at the summit , I always said I have a friend we could send him.Kevin was always available to help.Kind Kevin was more than helpful.As soon as he finished his work he brought what we wanted.Did I tell you Kevin dedicated his time for us.He worked more in the night because he didn’t know what programme we had.He was always available.Thank you Kevin for being awesome and church.

Last evening we went for a meal with Kevin, it felt bad that we were going, yet we clearly had to go.He was so instrumental.The summit was nice but Kevin made our stay in Kenya a memorable experience.

Today is Kevin’s birthday.I celebrate you Kevin!! and I thank God for you.You will move in your God ordained purpose.Kevin you are not made for just ,but for greatness.I know our meeting was not accidental.You are an excellent young man and you will cause transformation.Thank you for being church as you do what you do.Thank you for being intentional.You are blessed and with long life the Lord satisfies you.Happy birthday kind Kevin!!

Celebrating Potters Village

I am passionate about helping people who are disadvantaged.In 2007 I was employed in Kisoro district as the medical social worker.I also volunteered at Porters village ,a home for babies who have been abandoned, babies that have lost mothers.

The work I was doing was fulfilling but at the same time equally emotionally overwhelming. It was nevertheless always gratifying when the issue at hand would be solved. There are a number of incidences that left me amazed at the kindness of humanity. I will highlight one scenario concerning the work I used to do.

A baby who had been abandoned in Kisoro town bearing fresh burn wounds. The Good Samaritan has been informed of a social worker at the hospital who happened to be me. She was equally perplexed upon arrival at the hospital and she handed me the baby for assistance. As anyone can imagine, I was confused, sad and frightened because the baby was in grueling pain and yet no one knew the whereabouts of the parents and by now the Good Samaritan has retreated to continue with their evening. Wisdom and good sense prevailed over me and I kicked into trying to get information about the whereabouts of the mother. I was working in hospital so it was also easy get this baby to be seen by a doctor.The police was involved and after a futile few hours it became apparent that this baby had been abandoned by the mother.

It is in such moments that one recognizes the work that is done by selfless individuals who run homes for abandoned children.

Potter’s village was extremely kind and gracious to receive the baby whose name by now was still not known and whose condition was still fragile

The baby made great strides and his burn wounds which he had suffered at only 4months were scars now. Scars that left him with an inability to use his fingers. This didn’t last long. After turning one year of age, he underwent a grafting surgery at Mengo hospital which was immersenly successful. Potter’s village has been instrumental in giving of its funds and time towards this baby. We also gave this baby a name. He was named Moses.

Moses was unfortunately unable to find a family and is the norm at Potter’s Village, any child who isn’t adopted by the age of 4 has to be relocated to a home of older children. Moses now 4years old was transferred to SOS village where he currently stays. Moses is a courageous and resilient boy who stared death in the face and yet by the Grace of God survived its claws. I have had the opportunity of visiting him and looking him at 10 years of age I can only give God the glory for his mercy and goodness.

Thank you SOS for giving Moses a place he calls home.For giving him and education and loving him. For all
people who are doing homes.Taking on children like Moses , Sanyu babies home , Nsambya babies Home, Potters village, and all the other homes not mentioned.You are our Hero’s, Mose’s unsung hero’s.

Earthly Fortresses

I had been believing God for help at home, as you can imagine running a home with three little people( with independent minds, and diverse characters), alongside life’s other responsibilities.Well that help came in form of Mariam( Am sharing this story with her consent).

One week after the Christmas break , Mariam returned and she informs me she wasn’t feeling too well.We have a chat around the information and she says she has all of a sudden bout of laziness, fatigue, over eating and drowsiness.As you can already imagine these signs are all too common among pregnant women.It however didn’t occur to me then.The short and long it was ,Mariam was pregnant.

I got knots in my stomach upon the realization.I loved this girl she was young for such a responsibility.I was worried scared all that.

Anyway I contained myself and had a chat with her , where she laid down a well thought plan.( Or so it seemed in her mind).She clearly stated that she has dreams and plans for her life and there’s no way she would have a baby,because this would stand in her opportunity, to work and advance herself.This further broke my heart.

I realized my dear Mariam is now a woman and it was about time we had the adult conversation.We had an incredible heart to heart, where God in his Grace revealed to Mariam that there’s life even after she carries the baby to term.It was a lovely moment.

I still had questions in my mind .Yes I have just had a moment of enlightenment with this beautiful soul , but where is she going to go? Now that she is pregnant .I wouldn’t promise I was going to be there for her.Given I was in transition .I knew she needed a supportive environment, lest she harms herself and her unborn baby.

I then called her parents and informed them of the new developments, though I was careful to indicate that this was not the end of my involvement with Marriam.I then sent her off with a small package .I was wondering whether I had done the right thing.Apart of me was at peace with the action with a justification she was just a stranger.

There is another part that was screaming out wondering if indeed I was being church.

Well I couldn’t forget about Mariam , I called and checked on her.It was heart breaking to hear her ask the same question can I please come back. I wasn’t in position of having her back.

I then had a lightbulb moment.The Holy spirit reminded me of organizations that work with teenage mothers.I got in touch with one of them, found out the process of enrolling her for help and it was going to work.

I communicated with her parents carefully, and together we were able to get the requirements, my little friend was going to come to Kampala again.The excitement in her voice.

Yesterday as I stood at the taxi park waiting for her , many things run in my mind.When I saw her, her face BEAMED,She was happy to know she had another chance at life.That her dreams could pass after all.That one not wise choice shall not define her life.

What a welcome we received at the fortress.The young girls that Mariam found were so gracious and kind .They welcomed her with open arms and she did fit in well.

I am so thankful to organisations like the fortress that work with young mothers , to restore their dignity but also to help these beautiful girls dream again. Thank you so much for giving our Mariam a home and a chance to dream again.


We were made to desire companionship among other things.We need company at all times .I have made friends that I treasure and cannot begin to cherry pick let alone name drop.To my special angels in human form , thank you for being friends indeed.Asante Sana

I am thankful to God for the people that walk our journeys.That hold our hands and make life enjoyable.Everytime I went to a place i met a friend or even a friends friend.In my mind this felt normal albeit .Sometimes I would be overwhelmed. Among the friends I met one was so influential and they helped me appreciate me.

My prayer is that we treasure the gifts that God has given us in form of our friends.That we allow them to hold our hands and walk with us in our different spaces.

To my gifts, my angels , my friends, i don’t take your time for granted.Your words prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated.Thank you for loving Me at all times.

Proverbs 17:17 ” A friend loves at all times , and a brother is born for adversity”. I am thankful to God I have all of you in my life.

Loved to love

Last year my young sister Eseri wanted a house help.The search went on through agencies , friends and families.She finally got one.For this story let’s call her Mary.

First forward Mary was unwell she was taken to hospital tests done , she is found pregnant.

When I heard about Marys pregnancy, I inquired from my sister what was the way forward. Ofcourse I (some of you included ) started thinking of a replacement for her obviously because my sister is very busy and needs hands on help. I was oblivious to the fact that “Mary “needed help just as much as my sister did. Well, I waited to hear Eseris conclusion(my sister who needed the help)

To my utter shock and surprise, my sister decides to have her stay under the rationale that “Mary” also needs help. Wait! Do you mean that you…… many questions were unaswered. Would she be able to take care of Philip in her state? Would she help around at home in her state? Before my questions could get answered, Eseri had taken her for antenatal, started her on a healthy diet sufficient for an expectant mother.

Well my concerns and questions had been overtaken by events. We have to support her with her decision. The young girl is progressing well and she is about to pop. Eseri is besides herself, she is moving heaven and earth for this girl (one can think they have had a lifetime together). As you can imagine she has shopped for the baby and even prepared the hospital bag. Am on my own plot and Eseri calls me,”Baby is on the way”…..
I am slow to help and my sister is just about to get out of her office to go and help that’s when I realize that I should help out. I swing into action….
The family shows up, my brother in love (Eseris husband) is present and they are all overjoyed about the baby. I can’t help but stand in amazement and disbelief.

I am so challenged at how “Mary” is shown love. The thought of taking on someone you don’t know and loving upon them seemed easy but how I have been challenged by this act of love and kindness. It’s amazing how the Kawamalas had unknowingly prepared “Mary” to love on her baby. The experience of caring for my nephew prepared her to love for the baby that she would otherwise have hated.

They had become church to her in every way.

I celebrate you the Kawamala’s.


Lately I have been fascinated by the old hymn “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.” As it echoed in my ears, the lyrics made so much sense to me that I thought to myself,

‘I should find out more about the author of this hymn”. I wanted to know how they came up with these beautiful words; “what were they going through?”

I definitely found what I was looking for!

In 1882, Stead drowned as he was saving a little four year old. His wife and daughter witnessed this tragedy, and at the moment when the questions would have come in, God gave Louise Stead these words of triumph! When I read this, I sung this song again and again and what an assurance! These words have stayed on long after she rested, and they still make sense! It is a powerful hymn!

Trust, I feel, is a form of surrender.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take him at his word,

Just to rest upon his promise

Just to know thus sayeth the Lord!

When you rest upon the promise of God you have surrendered the situation. The promises of God say: I will never leave you; I am the Lord that healeth thee; I am the Lord your provider… There are so many promises that when we trust in God it is so sweet! Proverbs 3:16 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

When I think about trust, the picture that comes to my mind is of a child. When a child asks for milk, they trust, they have that assurance that they will be given the milk. They ask with confidence because they trust that they will get. The dictionary meaning of trust is, “a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or of something”. This brings a clear picture of a baby; they have a firm belief that what they ask for will be provided, and that’s the kind of trust our father wants us to have in him. A trust without wavering. A trust with assurance.

When the doctors referred my husband to a hospital in India, I wondered how we would manage; where would we get the money? Many questions plagued me, but a few of my close people reassured me. They told me it was well, and my favorite hymn echoed again and again. I rested on the promise of God. I rested and chose to trust in Him. It has worked for me.

I don’t know what kind of situation you are going through; I don’t know what the doctors have told you. I don’t even know what your family thinks about your situation or what your bank account says. One thing I know for sure is that tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Proverbs 3:5 in the Good News Translation says, “Trust in the lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know”. Be encouraged!