Glo and her Lemmy, the son.

Glo ,Bill and Mummy

I am reminded of God’s goodness as I celebrate my baby sister, very focused Glo Vanita Katonda Bill, holding you as a baby was just the other day , and my you have grown .

Glo I admired your strong opinion as a child, when you wanted something you went for it, you in fact made all of us do what you wanted. As you grew up , you didn’t stop sticking to principle, the only difference was that you sought God concerning every detail of your life. At a tender age you accepted Jesus and he was vividly involved in your decisions.

Psalms 119:98 Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies,for that are ever mine. Glo you are wiser, than your peers.

And you have more insight than all your teachers, for the testimonies of the lord are your meditation.

Glo I saw you meditate on the word of God, you made right choices, you were always in the right place and no wonder you so much easily fit in your calling.I am happy you are you.

Glo your love for the teenage mothers is extraordinary, you have loved and been church to them, I admire your commitment.

When you left a very good paying job for the teen mothers , we all couldn’t speak otherwise because knowing you clearly you were led of God.And that is no doubt.The fruit is evident, the young girls that have been restored a proof to your obedience to God .

Along the way you start calling yourself Katonda and what could we say, we simply thought to ourselves it was blasphemy, but no one would even talk about it. For those that know you, we testify that it didn’t matter what everyone knew.You knew who God said you are and you moved in that knowledge.So proud of you.

Glo you are firm in your identity, that I know so well, you have indeed meditated on the testimonies of God and that makes you wise.

Three years ago you still stood out , as I was looking for venues with you,concerning your wedding, came with a friend who I thought would help us get the decorator, you said that was not necessary, wowww at your age, I was impressed but not surprised .

Glo you are so special, you go out of your way.And the kind of things you do, it is only Jesus.

Am so glad I have you as a sister, a mother to my children, a friend that calls greatness out at all times.

I celebrate you this day , I thank God you were born, and born in out family.I pray that you will flourish, that you are a city on a hill, your light shines.It shines bright.You are a solution to the world’s problems, the Lord will shine his face on you continually.You are blessed and highly favoured.

Happy birthday Katonda.The one who knows her Identity.

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