Thank you for giving.

From the month of June as we celebrated Hero’s day,I thought of some special people.People that have done significant things and no one has talked about them, or even recognised them.People that have been extra ordinary.

One person today that is on my mind , one that am privileged to have as a friend, one Ruta ( Doreen Mushabe), I celebrate you.You are one of the few that is selfless. I remember when you pumped and donated breast milk to someone that you barely knew.This child was a premature , you had your own baby and you could have choosen to just mind your baby.You did this for another baby, who is not your relative, but who deserved to live.

Ruta I woke up to read something today, It was an article and interview by CJ that was inviting people for a run for premature babies.I listened to Reenah k as she talked about her journey raising a pre term baby, and I couldn’t keep quite about you. You and some others that have donated breast milk to these babies, you saved a life when you did this.You are so much celebrated.You are our super hero’s.

Thank you for going out of your way, for taking in Every thing you had to take in , those many drinks, the feeding ,so that you get enough milk for your baby and another person’s baby.The so much feeds comes with weight, Ruta you are cooperate, you didn’t look at that when you allowed to donate the milk.

Thank you so much Mr Mushabe D for being supportive of this.For allowing your wife to be a blessing.

To all those that have gone out of your comfort and donated milk, we celebrate you, you are so special.

For those that have thought about it, it is possible.And so much needed.

Cj Kyambogo thank you for this noble cause.I will ‘re echo this CJ is mobilising a run a run that is for supporting the pre term babies ,parents , friends let’s join in tommorow 1st September. Let’s equip the hospitals it will reduce the burden.

Finally i want to encourage us with these words 2corinthians 9:8, And God is able to make all Grace abound toward you.That you always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work.

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