One of my mentores

I joined a fellowship  at Worship harvest two years ago, which Berna Amadoi,was leading.To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to stay in that space, did I fit well? I was not sure.I went for the meetings quite late, most of the times if not all the times, when I went. The leader was so gracious to me She always welcomed me like she was expecting it felt like that one sheep that Jesus goes to look out for leaving the 99. I was treated in a special way that i felt i didnt deserve.But I know that Jesus looks out for us.With that kind and even more love.

My missional leader was so intional , she put in her all to teach me things tgat she didnt even tell me she was teaching me.I learned from  her alot of what she did for me.That time I was expecting our third born.I was invited to every hung they had.They wanted me to know them better .They all were intentional on loving me.

I  got to meet Francis and Evelyn, they were so nice to me.They always offered to drop me off, they actually insisted I didn’t have to call someone to come pick me up.Thank you so so much the Kiwanas.

Rossie was also gracious to me .A very inteligent  and yet so down to earth friend that I have grown to love.Thank you Rossie.

Anna Sunshine, I loved and still love your laughter your sense of humour, and your love for Jesus.I loved your zeal in that fellowship.You always made me special.

Lisa , Jean ,Brain, and Derrick.I have made permant friendship with you all.I love how you love me.We have made friendships that last.Am forever grateful.

Along the way I gave birth to our third baby Charis and my  ,she was so their.She came  with other leaders, she prayed for us, I barely knew her , but from that time I knew she loved me.Berna looked out for me and still looks out for me.I defiantly stayed and started to love the small group.

Berna taught me to look out for other people.She taught me withought telling me, she just demonstrated it to me and that was good enough.

Berna is a very good teacher, those people that teach in the most simple way , and it is very easy to follow and even learn from what she is teaching.

Berna has a an admirable relationship with her father.It is always intresting to hear her say ,how she was discussing with God, or how she will say God what is it you want me to do.I love that about Berna.

If you want to ask her what she thinks she will refer you to Jesus. Sometimes that’s not what you want to hear but yes, I have learned to consult with Jesus from her.

Berna is an author, she has written an incredible book How to hear God’s Voice, and if you want to hear God’s Voice seriously I recommend this book.

Berna loves children , and am so thankful that she has taken on our children like they are her very own.She will take them for the children Missional community activities, take them for icecream, talk to them.I am grateful Berna.

Berna is so selfless.She will help in every way possible , she  is a sister I have meet on this journey.

Berna loves Jesus to be shared in every place she will be in .A true representation of Jesus.She will want to tell everyone how much Jesus loves them.Am so so glad our paths meet.

I love you and I thank God our paths crossed.

2 thoughts on “One of my mentores

  1. Banange Pat! I think people need to know that I didn’t pay you to write this 😜 Thank you for these very kind words. It has been such a joy getting to know you and watching how you love your family, friends and complete strangers!
    There’s still a lot more that God’s doing in and through you- I watch and wait with bated breath.

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