My Sisters in kigali

At the end of September this year , I arranged with my friend , Susan that it was the right time to rest.Change environment and have some time for me .This was favourable because my   children were on holiday, and had to visit their grand parents which is the normal routine.

When I arrived in Kigali, Susan picked me up, and I was like VIP from then on.She had my holiday well planned , it was around the same time she got leave.This worked out really well.And during th is time we had planned a baby shower for our other Sister Grace, and here I was going to meet with Lilian as well.

We had an awesome time , I was so loved on treated like a queen. I so much appreciate my sisters.They are so generous.

Today as I gave thanks you were so much on my mind

Thank you so much for being selfless.For thinking about me, for loving and taking care of me as if I was a child.Thank you for your time

Am so thankful to God that you three are in my life.You so much spoiled me, took me to good places, allowed me to rest and that I can never forget.

I celebrate you today, and I pray that the Lord will enrich you.That he will enlarge your territory ,That he will bless you a hundred fold

Thank you so so much for being special.

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