Hellen You are loved.

On my mind is auntie Hellen.A lady that I meet fifteen years ago , who has been a great Joy.

I met Hellen at a close friends home, and what was special about her? Hellen is one very unique person that everyone needs in their entire lives.For those that have known Hellen longer than myself , they still know that she is so selfless.Hellen is this person who will take on another person’s burden, Joy, celebration as if it was her own.

She is a mother, a friend ,a sister a daughter, a colleague and everything good you know about.She has this strength of bringing people together, and bringing harmony.Even in a bad situation you will always find something nice to celebrate in the situation.

Hellen works like there s no other day.She does every thing with her all.She is these people who multi task and when I say this I don’t mean two activities or tasks.Multiple. She is excellent.

Hellen I celebrate you.I thank God for you, for your passion to work, for all the effort that you put.Thank you Hellen for making an effort to put a smile on people’s faces.Thank you for teaching me to always be grateful

Thank you for keeping a ray of hope, and making spaces brighter.

I celebrate the beauty in you.And I pray that you will always shine.That you will know that you a muchly appreciated . That you have the awareness of you are strengthened by God.That you will always be reminded that you are not alone.That the Lord will always be with you.

I pray that you will always be refreshed as you have refreshed others.You are blessed and yes you are a blessing.I love you auntie Hellen.

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