Awesome Teachers.

My Favourite Teacher Mrs K ,made it her obligation to make us all happy while we were growing up and going through school . She made school so fun that we always looked forward to going back to school .

Because of how she always made us feel we didn’t know how to make her happy the way we thought she deserved.

This one time was her 70th birthday and we wanted to surprise her , so we stole her phone and copied all her contacts and we started contacting and inviting her old and best of friends to a surprise birthday at her house . People traveled and were booked in hotels a day before her birthday.

On the morning of her birthday her daughter took her out to a beauty parlour while the work at home commenced , and visitors arrived . By the time she returned she could not believe that was her house and that everyone had gathered to celebrate her . She definitely cried but tears of joy and happiness , she was overwhelmed and felt so loved.

At this I thought at how much it would mean to celebrate our teachers , those that taught us in primary school, that did everything they could for us to be.

Teachers you are instrumental in many ways.I thank God for you, for your time, your hard work and I with many others are so proud of you. Stella Kahijiriza, Dr Kahigiriza, Mwarimu Nyagatale(RIP), Mwalimu Hajje Gashegu(RIP),TR Flavior, Mr Tumushime Davis, Robert Seruhogyi, you are so special.Keep shining.

Thank you for your diligence.

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