Thankful for our teachers .

Chris’s (for those who don’t know by now, Chris is my husband)….and we were seriously planning and looking out for a great school. We had a put a lot of thought into the process and had conaidered a number of things.
As God’s Grace would lead us, next to Chris’s office was a school although unknown to us we seemed elated at the idea that it could actually be a good fit.

It was well located so Chris and Keza would drive together in the morning to and fro work and school respectively. Chris encouraged me to check the school out(he trusts me like that lol) and although I had never heard of it I must say I was impressed. ACORNS was a perfect place because I loved the values they stood by, the way they treated the children( I observed albeit for a short time) and I could tell the children who attended the school were well spoken and very confident. These were all the things we wanted our Keza to experience and grow into.

It was a matter of fact that Keza would be enrolled at ACORNS. We started school,…….. with playgroup when Keza was three years old. To say that she enjoyed school would be an understatement. She would go to school for only three days but she literally looked forward to the next week.

She was involved in the school concerts,which was for every child, unlike other places where concerts , events, only involve a few .

Keza was celebrated as an Inquirerer, she was too curious, no one ever shut her down or told her she was too much.She wanted to find out, and yes that has built on.

Keza is open minded.she is very comfortable with differences.She respects and welcomes other people’s points of views and way of doing things

Keza is a communicator.She understands and shares ideas with others.

Keza is also considerate , she is concerned about other people’s needs and feelings.
She also did this with confidence.

This month we celebrate teachers and I am thankful to God for every teacher that has been instrumental in our life. Thank you for giving Keza who was then 2 an opportunity to shine, express herself, and make the world a better place.

While at ACORNS there was a yellow fever outbreak in Nabugabo, and she got involved with a drive to get vaccines.

Thank you Ms Amiina, for giving the children these opportunities.For instilling values.

Thank you Mr Evans, for encouraging Keza to keep awesome,.Thank you Ms Sharon for always calling greatness out of Keza.

You did a great job.Keza has grown to be a confident , considerate child.Her Enthusiasm about learning and life, have stayed.Her independence, thinking and acting, are outstanding.Integrity is a virtue that will always stay.

Keza goes to Harvest Academy now, and I must say they have built on.Thank you teacher Julie, and all the teachers at Harvest Academy for discipling and teaching her,For encouraging her, Thank you awesome teachers .

One thought on “Thankful for our teachers .

  1. Very inspiring tale of this young and successful lady Keza, I want to be like her when I grow up, jinks I am already too old but inspired to be a better version of myself. Schools are our second nurtures and we owe them a lot.


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