Innocence in Distress

While i was in hospital with my little warrior I got an opportunity to meet different people with various ailments. One little child stood out. She is about 7 years and did not particularly look sick.

This intrigued me and I went out to search for her. This little girl who I will call her Flavia, for purposes of this post, was always playing with other children that did not seem very healthy and I wondered to myself what is her story.

I wondered what she was doing in the hospital playing with sick children helping to push them around. I must say even my sister joined me in my intrigue surrounding Flavia. Those who know me will attest to my curiosity levels. I sought out her mother, built rapport and started a conversation with her. As we kept talking I found out that actually Flavia was as healthy as I had imagined but because her family was unable to raise the money to clear the medical bills, they could not be allowed to leave. This broke my heart.
I verified this through the administration and got a clear indication on the amount of the money needed to clear the medical bill. It was unfortunate that Flavia and her Mum had no one to help them clear this money. I have since thought of ways to help Flavia and her Mum. The good news is that the bill doesn’t acrrue interest but remains as it was at the time they were discharged from hospital.

I was in hospital for only 7 days but it seemed like a year. I can’t imagine Flavia who is supposed to have gone home long way before still in a hospital environment. It is one month into the school term and as we all know it is the promotional term.

Will you help me help Baby Flavia and her mother get freedom out of the hospital. Her hospital bill is 1.4 and if we all can give whatever we can we can make a little girl and her mama happy.

We have been blessed to be a blessing.

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