2corinthians 2 :14 Thanks be to God who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession, and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him in every way.

I didn’t quite understand triumph over situations, over reproaches until I was faced with an ugly situation.

On 11th of this month as I did my activities outside home, I got a call that was very urgent.Natasha is the childrens minder at home.On the calling end ,she was crying and in the back ground I had our neighbour across comforting her.It got me worried and thinking what could the problem be. She cried uncontrollably as she said Mummy mummy Charis, Mammy Charis has been bitten by the dogs.

…..My mind started racing with thoughts wondering how it could have happened. I thought to myself whether Charis was playing near the fence and it broke among other thoughts but nothing seemed to make sense.

By this time Charis had been rushed to hospital, and the doctors are doing everything possible to help .The nurses were also shaving her glorious mane ,giving her painkillers albert through a struggle.I panic on as I check to see if her eyes are intact, if she has ears.I am relieved to see that they are intact.The pain is disheartening though.

As I looked on tears just rolled down my checks , I cried that my baby was in pain, and I also cried that the Lord had protected her.I was in awe of God.This could have been worse than it presented.I didn’t know what to tell the dog owner, I was just very confused.In these moments I could only see God protecting her amidst the situation.

The situation was horrible but it would have been worse.I thought to myself.

Family, friends ,neighbours ,have been informed and are already in hospital with us at this time.The people I fellowship with, my MC people that we do life with. Later my pastors come in.Its in a short while but they have made it to hospital.My pastor is a medical doctor, he is familiar with this hospital, things start happening faster.Suddenly the vaccine is got, ironic how things happen because they know someone.Am thankful that they are around anyway.They pray for us.What a relief to see that even in these moments we are not left alone.

The Lord was with us, friends were their.Theres no single time I was left to be alone.They prayed for us.For Charis to go through the treatment withought so much pain.And yes she was brave through it all.My bold and Beautiful girl was also brave.

When the bible says I will never leave you nor forsake you, Jesus knew there moments when we will feel so left.So alone.But that assurance that he will never leave us nor forsake us stood for us.The Lord will never leave us.In that moment he gave us people that stood with us.People that loved on us.And oh my did I mention how generous my friends are, everyone brought something.We had so much that we would share with others, send back home and even give out.It was that much.

This would not have not been easy but the Lord helped us through.What is it that faces you, You are not alone.He will never leave you.He is closer than you can imagine.

16days now after the dog attack, Charis is well.Her wounds are healing and I can only say if it hadn’t been for Jesus, Charis was gone.
Thank God who fights and causes us to triumph.Charis is a wise , intelligent and God Fearing girl.She is blessed and highly favoured.And with Long life the Lord satisfies her.

Psalms 124.If the Lord was not fighting for us, They would have eaten us alive.

Thank God for fighting for us.For defending us in every battle.


  1. Oh Our Father is amaizing!wen we go through the fire we come out even better! Thank you Patricia for being strong and courageous! May the name of the lord be praised forever for rescuing Charis and her siblings n friends from the plans of the enemy and for keeping all your hearts from offence n bitterness and may He alone completly heal Charis n all yo family from the trauma n erase it away by His blood!

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