I Celebrate you Chris

Today is my special person’s birthday and I can’t keep calm!
Chris when God created you, he had me in mind. Thank you for loving Me. For treating me so well, you’re such an incredible husband, and friend.

You support me to do the things that I love and I am so grateful to God for you. You challenge me to grow, I have learned so much and I’m still learning from you. You encourage me to do what I do. And you listen to me.

I thank God for this year in particular that God gives us another year of celebrating life together. Celebrating you in health , I am super excited! Doing life with you is the best gift that ever happened to me. Thank you for being an amazing father to our children. For loving unreservedly.
Thank you for always having us in mind.

Happy birthday my dear one. I pray that you will continue to excel in everything that you do. That you will lack no good thing. I pray that just as you have been good to many you will be refreshed in all ways and that the Lord will grant your heart’s desires.
I am so proud of you, the children too! Charis has not stopped singing happy birthday. We celebrate and love you.

Thank you for being the best father to Keza, Sammy and Charis. Your love for them is so evident! You are one person who plays with them, does homework with them and prays with them. You are definitely a great part of these little hearts. Thank you for your time amidst your tight schedule. Thank you for making time for our family.

Chris as you begin this year I speak a year of many beginnings. That you will experience your father’s love in a tremendous way. That this year you will enjoy fellowship with your father (God). That he will renew your strength as you mount high as an eagle. I pray that surely goodness and Mercy shall follow you. That you will speak of the goodness of the Lord and you will experience this goodness. I pray that you will experience favour, in every thing you do.

Your light shines brighter my love. We all love you!

9 thoughts on “I Celebrate you Chris

  1. Awwww! Lovely family!
    Happy birthday Chris! Thank you for loving and looking after our ka friend! May you experience more of God’s goodness in your life.


  2. Woooòow am speechless! Now that u talk about this year, God showed Himself strong for us as a family and granted him complete healing!
    As we celebrate his birthday, I thank God for you Auntie for being the wife and friend u are to him. God bless you and my little ones for being in his life.
    Happy birthday Uncle Chris!


  3. Thanks Pat for this wonderful prayer spoken over your husband.may the lord do well for him for all he has been to the family and you.i speak blessing over his life and that his cup shall overflow.Happy birthday to your love


  4. Thanks for the wonderful wishes Ineza to your dear husband!Happy birthday to Chris the most wonderful brother inlaw there is!May God increase him and satisfy him with a long and fruitful life!blessings

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