Some of my special people

I signed up a “serve you better card “at Worship Harvest in 2015 ,and I said I wanted to join a missional community.This was after many months of “visiting” without getting involved with anyone or anything.
It was after i had done the next steps class that I knew I wanted to be part of this group. This is a class that shared vision, mission ,the reason they do things the way they do them at worship Harvest.etc.

One afternoon I got a call from a leader that was inviting me to a Missional Community. I did not know her, what to expect as I had never been to one.I decided to give it a try.I called her for directions until I was at the meeting venue.

I was called by Angela who I had never met or even heard about but she welcomed me like we had been friends forever.I later found out she was the pastor.I received overwhelming love from all the people that were present.
I kept wondering whether I had met them and I forgot. Are they my sister’s friends? I asked myself. Anyhow I was very confused.
The shocking bit about this is that this love thing was as if contagious.All the people on the group were welcoming.

I remember we were told to talk to someone we had never met.Was I going to talk to everyone? I wondered .
I didn’t wait for long before Berna Amadoi who is now a very close friend , came and sat close to me.She was so interesting. We talked like we were continuing from where we had stopped in the last meeting yet it was the first time I was seeing her.
Among the things we talked about was where I came from ,later she came and told me she was going early for some other meeting and she wanted me to drop for her the people she was meant to drop off.She wanted to know if it was okay with me .Ofcourse it was okay because I was driving by myself.That is how free it felt the first day. As I drove with this group of friends,it seemed like we had known each other a lifetime.Strange I know. I enjoyed their company.They used to meet as small groups then called G12, I loved the group but didn’t want to get so close to them because of fears of getting so involved,from past experiences.

Well I was put in Bernas group for G12,the Makindye group.I was determined to go when they are starting activity ,go out as soon and never get so involved,lest I am disappointed.That time we were expecting Charis. Charis is our third baby. This G12 never judged me about my coming in late,going early.They loved me like a problem.Did I say they made it a point to celebrate me, they did.They got me cake not on my birthday but the week to my birthday, who does that.Mmhhh these people were determined to give me an experience.Loving me without expecting anything from me.That love that makes you suspicious.They loved me and I also allowed.I know that’s the love Jesus invites us to.He is love so it shouldn’t surprise us.

When i was getting used to this group the love and the people ,I just learned we were going to split into different groups.Growth things.I joined the Alpha MC was with Berna who was the leader of the G12, and was now srarting the alpha MC. I have been loved by these people, they look out for me, for my children,my husband.I am thankful to God for my church family.

Angela you are my person of peace.I connected with you the very first day I was put in your group.You and your husband lead so well,that it was easy to belong and even get involved.
Berna and the makindye friends, thank you so so much for the love.

My cool MC people.You give fellowship true meaning.Our MC is that which has frontiers all Over the world. I celebrate each one of you. Berna thank you for being special, Jean you love well ,Lisa you bring life to the MC, Linda your creativity makes such a difference, Doreen thank you for being you, Gloria the way you take up responsibility is just amazing, Nichole your artistic mind and you, special , Rana you go to a different church but from the time you visited Alpha MC you haven’t stopped coming.Your warmth laughter is special , I celebrate the gents in our MC you also have been special.George your generosity, you are so kind. Albert the way you make time despite your busy schedule, Derrick your humour and love for every activity, Josh you make MC one activity i look forward too.Thanks for bringing life. Hubert you are you amazing. Willy Joe wherever you have been you bring a difference we are never with bad sound when you are their.Videos for our frontier are prompt.You are special .I told you part of the team represents us in other countries , even when you left you are still part of our group.You bring in your ideas, you pray with us and we share what we are learning.Priscilla in SA you are starting an alpha MC ,That am sure of.Vivian and Charity in Italy am so sure you represent us well. Our members that are apart of the group by affiliation you are loved.Micheal thanks for encouragement.Chris your schedule has been tight but I know you will appear.Mark every time you are around you know you are apart of this group.Our genius friend we celebrate you. Mable you easily fit the one time you visited.We will get to know you more.

The children that come to alpha give the group life I celebrate all our alpha babies.

You guys are all special and amazing.I celebrate you.

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