On the 5th of June 2018 , I traveled to Kenya for the fearless summit. The summit was happening at Mavuno church at Athi River .I had never been to this part of Kenya and yes I am open to adventure among other things. I make friends easily , which is something my special friends don’t find easy.Thankfully my friends accept my new friends.They don’t make them feel left out.

A number of people on this trip are doing a leadership course at Harvest Institute, and that is how I happened to be part of this. Something special about this trip was we had to get places of accommodation.Good thing some friends had come for the summit last year , so they were on top of the game getting accommodation.They did the bookings and we knew how much we each had to pay.

Accommodation now sorted for the four of us.Desire and I arrived earlier than Esther and Jassy who were our housemates. Me and Desire decided to go and get the things that we would need while at the summit.I was defiantly open minded about which person we would get as our Uber driver.My things of making friends I intended to make friendship with this person.

I uber with my hands crossed waiting to see if the person would be friendly, kind,or mean.I was open for anything.

Kevin came to pick us.He knew our destination we didn’t know.I asked him how he was doing asked and if he would help us find a place to buy our groceries, he took us to the store, held the basket such a gentleman and helped us with our shopping.It was getting late and we wanted to have dinner.He asked us what we wanted.He took us to a wonderful place where I invited him to stay and we share.We were already friends after 2hours of being with him.
We talked about different things , about their country, that place we were, and of course we also got to know a bit of who he was…he told us of nasty experience he had the time he visited Uganda. We were of course sorry about this terrible happening .
This did not stop him from giving us a kenyan simcard that we were going to use, for communication , for our internet, kevin is super kind.He then dropped us home safe.

Kevin was prompt ,pick up time and he got to meet our other friends , Jassy and Esther, as he picked us he went all you people are happy.Did I tell you my friends are all fun.Jassy and Esther talked to Kevin like they knew him before.He was kind in all this.

The next day we wanted to attend a music event that we were invited for, I thought of inviting him for this session.This event was about 26km from where we were staying.I asked him what the cost was to go to that place.He checked the meter and gave us the quotation.I invited him earlier and asked him to join us for the event.Kevin came at the agreed pick up time.Ohh he was amazing.He took us to the the place we didn’t have any idea where we were going.

Kevin got to meet the bigger team, the worship harvesters that were at the event.We introduced him to a few of our friends and they were good to him.
We all enjoyed the evening, and after a few hours we were headed back home.He was no longer the quite Kevin but rather happy and loud just like !!We had such fun as you can imagine.

While at the summit when anyone wanted something ,that was not at the summit , I always said I have a friend we could send him.Kevin was always available to help.Kind Kevin was more than helpful.As soon as he finished his work he brought what we wanted.Did I tell you Kevin dedicated his time for us.He worked more in the night because he didn’t know what programme we had.He was always available.Thank you Kevin for being awesome and church.

Last evening we went for a meal with Kevin, it felt bad that we were going, yet we clearly had to go.He was so instrumental.The summit was nice but Kevin made our stay in Kenya a memorable experience.

Today is Kevin’s birthday.I celebrate you Kevin!! and I thank God for you.You will move in your God ordained purpose.Kevin you are not made for just ,but for greatness.I know our meeting was not accidental.You are an excellent young man and you will cause transformation.Thank you for being church as you do what you do.Thank you for being intentional.You are blessed and with long life the Lord satisfies you.Happy birthday kind Kevin!!

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