Celebrating Potters Village

I am passionate about helping people who are disadvantaged.In 2007 I was employed in Kisoro district as the medical social worker.I also volunteered at Porters village ,a home for babies who have been abandoned, babies that have lost mothers.

The work I was doing was fulfilling but at the same time equally emotionally overwhelming. It was nevertheless always gratifying when the issue at hand would be solved. There are a number of incidences that left me amazed at the kindness of humanity. I will highlight one scenario concerning the work I used to do.

A baby who had been abandoned in Kisoro town bearing fresh burn wounds. The Good Samaritan has been informed of a social worker at the hospital who happened to be me. She was equally perplexed upon arrival at the hospital and she handed me the baby for assistance. As anyone can imagine, I was confused, sad and frightened because the baby was in grueling pain and yet no one knew the whereabouts of the parents and by now the Good Samaritan has retreated to continue with their evening. Wisdom and good sense prevailed over me and I kicked into trying to get information about the whereabouts of the mother. I was working in hospital so it was also easy get this baby to be seen by a doctor.The police was involved and after a futile few hours it became apparent that this baby had been abandoned by the mother.

It is in such moments that one recognizes the work that is done by selfless individuals who run homes for abandoned children.

Potter’s village was extremely kind and gracious to receive the baby whose name by now was still not known and whose condition was still fragile

The baby made great strides and his burn wounds which he had suffered at only 4months were scars now. Scars that left him with an inability to use his fingers. This didn’t last long. After turning one year of age, he underwent a grafting surgery at Mengo hospital which was immersenly successful. Potter’s village has been instrumental in giving of its funds and time towards this baby. We also gave this baby a name. He was named Moses.

Moses was unfortunately unable to find a family and is the norm at Potter’s Village, any child who isn’t adopted by the age of 4 has to be relocated to a home of older children. Moses now 4years old was transferred to SOS village where he currently stays. Moses is a courageous and resilient boy who stared death in the face and yet by the Grace of God survived its claws. I have had the opportunity of visiting him and looking him at 10 years of age I can only give God the glory for his mercy and goodness.

Thank you SOS for giving Moses a place he calls home.For giving him and education and loving him. For all
people who are doing homes.Taking on children like Moses , Sanyu babies home , Nsambya babies Home, Potters village, and all the other homes not mentioned.You are our Hero’s, Mose’s unsung hero’s.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Potters Village

  1. Oh wow!!! Wonder how we can spread such news to stop the closing of such homes & instead tighten the law to ensure that only the disadvantaged get in and that the children are not taken advantage of…

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