Earthly Fortresses

I had been believing God for help at home, as you can imagine running a home with three little people( with independent minds, and diverse characters), alongside life’s other responsibilities.Well that help came in form of Mariam( Am sharing this story with her consent).

One week after the Christmas break , Mariam returned and she informs me she wasn’t feeling too well.We have a chat around the information and she says she has all of a sudden bout of laziness, fatigue, over eating and drowsiness.As you can already imagine these signs are all too common among pregnant women.It however didn’t occur to me then.The short and long it was ,Mariam was pregnant.

I got knots in my stomach upon the realization.I loved this girl she was young for such a responsibility.I was worried scared all that.

Anyway I contained myself and had a chat with her , where she laid down a well thought plan.( Or so it seemed in her mind).She clearly stated that she has dreams and plans for her life and there’s no way she would have a baby,because this would stand in her opportunity, to work and advance herself.This further broke my heart.

I realized my dear Mariam is now a woman and it was about time we had the adult conversation.We had an incredible heart to heart, where God in his Grace revealed to Mariam that there’s life even after she carries the baby to term.It was a lovely moment.

I still had questions in my mind .Yes I have just had a moment of enlightenment with this beautiful soul , but where is she going to go? Now that she is pregnant .I wouldn’t promise I was going to be there for her.Given I was in transition .I knew she needed a supportive environment, lest she harms herself and her unborn baby.

I then called her parents and informed them of the new developments, though I was careful to indicate that this was not the end of my involvement with Marriam.I then sent her off with a small package .I was wondering whether I had done the right thing.Apart of me was at peace with the action with a justification she was just a stranger.

There is another part that was screaming out wondering if indeed I was being church.

Well I couldn’t forget about Mariam , I called and checked on her.It was heart breaking to hear her ask the same question can I please come back. I wasn’t in position of having her back.

I then had a lightbulb moment.The Holy spirit reminded me of organizations that work with teenage mothers.I got in touch with one of them, found out the process of enrolling her for help and it was going to work.

I communicated with her parents carefully, and together we were able to get the requirements, my little friend was going to come to Kampala again.The excitement in her voice.

Yesterday as I stood at the taxi park waiting for her , many things run in my mind.When I saw her, her face BEAMED,She was happy to know she had another chance at life.That her dreams could pass after all.That one not wise choice shall not define her life.

What a welcome we received at the fortress.The young girls that Mariam found were so gracious and kind .They welcomed her with open arms and she did fit in well.

I am so thankful to organisations like the fortress that work with young mothers , to restore their dignity but also to help these beautiful girls dream again. Thank you so much for giving our Mariam a home and a chance to dream again.

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