We were made to desire companionship among other things.We need company at all times .I have made friends that I treasure and cannot begin to cherry pick let alone name drop.To my special angels in human form , thank you for being friends indeed.Asante Sana

I am thankful to God for the people that walk our journeys.That hold our hands and make life enjoyable.Everytime I went to a place i met a friend or even a friends friend.In my mind this felt normal albeit .Sometimes I would be overwhelmed. Among the friends I met one was so influential and they helped me appreciate me.

My prayer is that we treasure the gifts that God has given us in form of our friends.That we allow them to hold our hands and walk with us in our different spaces.

To my gifts, my angels , my friends, i don’t take your time for granted.Your words prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated.Thank you for loving Me at all times.

Proverbs 17:17 ” A friend loves at all times , and a brother is born for adversity”. I am thankful to God I have all of you in my life.

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