Loved to love

Last year my young sister Eseri wanted a house help.The search went on through agencies , friends and families.She finally got one.For this story let’s call her Mary.

First forward Mary was unwell she was taken to hospital tests done , she is found pregnant.

When I heard about Marys pregnancy, I inquired from my sister what was the way forward. Ofcourse I (some of you included ) started thinking of a replacement for her obviously because my sister is very busy and needs hands on help. I was oblivious to the fact that “Mary “needed help just as much as my sister did. Well, I waited to hear Eseris conclusion(my sister who needed the help)

To my utter shock and surprise, my sister decides to have her stay under the rationale that “Mary” also needs help. Wait! Do you mean that you…… many questions were unaswered. Would she be able to take care of Philip in her state? Would she help around at home in her state? Before my questions could get answered, Eseri had taken her for antenatal, started her on a healthy diet sufficient for an expectant mother.

Well my concerns and questions had been overtaken by events. We have to support her with her decision. The young girl is progressing well and she is about to pop. Eseri is besides herself, she is moving heaven and earth for this girl (one can think they have had a lifetime together). As you can imagine she has shopped for the baby and even prepared the hospital bag. Am on my own plot and Eseri calls me,”Baby is on the way”…..
I am slow to help and my sister is just about to get out of her office to go and help that’s when I realize that I should help out. I swing into action….
The family shows up, my brother in love (Eseris husband) is present and they are all overjoyed about the baby. I can’t help but stand in amazement and disbelief.

I am so challenged at how “Mary” is shown love. The thought of taking on someone you don’t know and loving upon them seemed easy but how I have been challenged by this act of love and kindness. It’s amazing how the Kawamalas had unknowingly prepared “Mary” to love on her baby. The experience of caring for my nephew prepared her to love for the baby that she would otherwise have hated.

They had become church to her in every way.

I celebrate you the Kawamala’s.

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